KARTIKA JAYA is a company managing a variety of leading brands for Window Film and Car Audio. Companies who are experienced in the field with the service and quality are guaranteed. KARTIKA JAYA established in August 1999 which initially started as a distributor of window film ORPRO from UAE for Indonesia.

Furthermore continues to grow, in 2000 as a distributor Perfect Gard window film brands from USA, continued in 2003 Perfections window film brands from the USA also entrust us as a distributor. Then in 2006 began development of rapid, successive Excellent window film brands from the USA also entrust us as a distributor. Then it continues Guardians entered the ranks of the brand of window film products that entered in 2008. Car audio with AVI brands from Canada and Interfire from the USA entered the product range of our services in the same year.

Whereas in 2011, KARTIKA JAYA began marketing a new brand of window film Fierce Movies from USA with 5 year warranty.
Incoming in 2017, KARTIKA JAYA will be the sole distributor of window film with SKC brands of South Korea. As is known SKC is one of the best group companies in South Korea.

From all the above products, KARTIKA JAYA is a distributor for the entire territory of Indonesia.

KARTIKA JAYA has network that spread all over Indonesia (authorized dealer), so it can handle all problems for all products so that customers will be satisfied. Actively participate in the exhibition of both local and International, as well as promotions in magazines, newspapers, tabloids automotive and others.

Make sure your driving experience together with well-known products in the world with a diverse selection of discretion in accordance with the wishes and riding comfort. Your satisfaction is our responsibility.